Some Basic MS Excel Shortcuts Beginners Should Know

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ms excel logo, ms office excel, ms excel 2012 Not once, but several times in life you may have to use Ms Excel for some or the other purpose, irrespective of whether you are a computer professional or not. It is the most simplified and powerful spreadsheet program designed by Microsoft and been used by millions of people worldwide on regular basis. You can easily create tables, charts; apply formulas and what not with just a few steps and shortcuts.

Even now not many people are aware of the terminologies and essential shortcuts that can make their work easier and quicker. Knowing few tricks can make your work simplified and help you to speed up the workflow as well. Perhaps, different versions have different set of command and to know about them in-depth you may need to go through an extensive training program.

There are various training programs such as excel 2012 training by Excel Everest that provide you complete guidance on the efficient use of shortcuts. However, if you haven’t been through any profession training program, then the following list of shortcuts must be able to help you a bit on your daily tasks on excel.

List Of Some Basic Shortcuts Used In Ms Excel

CTRL+T (to insert table)

This is one of the basic functions of Ms Excel. Many professionals use this feature as it lets them to enter the data and share it more conveniently. By hitting Ctrl-T you can simply turn the cell into table and do your work more easily.

Ctrl-Spacebar ( To select an column) and Shift-Spacebar (To select the rows)

Alt+A is the most common short to select the whole content on a page. But, if you want to only select a particular column, then Ctrl-spacebar shortcut will make it possible for you. There is no need to waste your time, select the whole range and drag down the cursor till the last cell when you can do it in a single click. Similarly, Shift-Spacebar will let you select a range of rows.

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Alt-E-D (Lets you delete cell)

If yo0u want to delete a particular cell from your worksheet, simply select a cell and hit Alt-E-D to delete it much quicker. If you are a pro with using shortcuts then you will find this shortcut more useful than the manual method of deletion.

Ctrl-Home (To reach to the first cell) and Ctrl-End (To reach to the last cell)

This shortcut usually helps when you have a big spreadsheets of multiple pages. So instead of scrolling up continually for a couple of minutes, you can simply use this shortcut to reach to the first cell of the sheet. Similarly, Ctrl-End will instantly take you to the last cell of the sheet.

Alt = (To Insert The Sum)

This is the most common task performed by excel users while working on it. The above mentioned trick will help you make your calculations much quicker and also prevent errors. In order to take out the sum of the numbers in a column, select the last cell of the column and type  this command to get the sum function.

Ctrl-0 (To hide a specific data)

There are times when the owner of the sheet wants to hide some important data and let others view the rest. In this situation Ctrl-0 works wonders as it lets you to hide the selected data without deleting it. Simply select the row or column you want to hide and hit Ctrl-0. Alternatively, use Ctrl-Shift-0 to unhide it.


Other MS Excel Shortcuts are:

F11 – To create a chart from the range of data available

CTRL+K – To add Hyperlink

CTRL+Arrow keys – To move around the worksheet

CTRL+1 – To format the cells, charts and other data.

F4 – To change the cell referencing style

CTRL+ (Colon or Semicolon) – To insert current time and/or date

F2 – To edit a cell

CTRL+SHIFT+L – To turn the filters on/ off.

Nevertheless, for professional knowledge on shortcuts and other tools it is always advisable to go through comprehensive training programs if your work involves greater use of Ms Excel. There are a number of online training programs available on the internet such as excel 2010 training by Excel Everest, that provide you a comprehensive training on various aspects of Ms Excel usage.

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