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Angry Birds are back with the Alien Version. The much awaited Angry Birds Space is now available for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and android devices as well.

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Angry Birds Space is a 4th version of the Angry Birds series. The game is created by Rovio as the game gained huge popularity in very less time and became the most lovable mobile and PC game. There are lots of comprehensive changes in the latest version of the game such as zero gravity, secret goodies and levels, 60 levels and much more.

Angry Birds Space Features

The key features of Angry Birds Space are as follows:
~ 60 interstellar levels
~ Free updates
~ Brand new birds
~ Latest superpowers
~ Zero-gravity space adventures
~ Trick shots using planets gravity
~ Hidden bonus levels
~ Beautifully detailed backgrounds

New Birds in Angry Birds Space

Another striking feature of the new version of the game is the launch of 6 new birds with different super powers.

New Lazer Birds

The new Lazer Birds is purple birds which are brought in place of yellow birds. It will be exciting to see how they fly under the zero gravity conditions

New Red Birds

The Red Bird is more powerful than ever. They are all time favourites and will try to get there flock home.

Blue Birds

The blue birds are once again back in Angry Birds Space. They are here for fun and for causing mischief.

Black Birds

The black bird will explode in irritation. The bomb will use their heat shock wave to explode anything in their path.

Green Birds

Green birds will protect their friends at any cost. They are also known as Big Brother Bird.

New Ice Birds

New introduction to the game will freeze anything into solid which comes into its way.

Free Download Angry Space Birds Full Version

• Direct Download Angry Birds Space for PC [Link]

• Direct Download Angry Birds Space for Mac (Paid) [Link]

• Direct Download Angry Birds Space for Android [Link]

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12 Comments to Angry Birds Space Full Version Free Download

  1. Angry Birds is a combination of gameplay, style, and low price and it also proves that if you getting the best game for free then why to go for paid games :]

  2. Here all the birds seems to be new. but till now the stages i have cleared i am not satisfied with the Angry bird space the previous versions were better.

  3. Thanks, on a related note, The very much anticipated release of Angry Birds to the Android market had finally arrived; and the popularity of the game was under estimated by it’s creator Rovio. Upon release date it brought the companies site to a halt due to the large demand for the game from Android users. GetJar collaborated with Rovio to be the first official download site for the game, and even they had some major issues supplying the high demand. To the point that they recommended downloaders to go to their mobile site to download the game so to save some bandwidth from their main site.
    Good Job!

  4. Till date angry birds space has been downloaded more than 12 million times via the Apple”s App Store. Each bird has its own characteristics and special abilities which are ultimately used to defeat the green pigs. This will help repairing Angry Birds crashes in PC.

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