How to enhance Wi-fi signal and Wireless Network

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Today i am going to tell you some ways to boost up the signal strength of the Wi fi network.The basic problem occurs with WiFi is of  higher bandwidth usage mostly effecting things like video streaming videos and online games.Various methods and options are available in market that can  help you in boosting up the WiFi signal strength and enjoy the fast browsing internet in your home. Some of the modifications or recommendations you could do or follow:

Using Wireless N

Wireless N helps in producing greater WiFi range and also provides consistent,enhanced and more effective signal strength. But if you still posses Wireless G, then you definitely need a change as It is outdated now.
wireless n, wireless g, install wireless n

These days almost all the laptops and other devices are coming with a built-in wireless card i.e. it has already installed Wireless N in it.


Cable Signal Booster

If you are using a cable internet, then there are various factors affecting the actual cable strength provided by the company. If you are living in a populated area, then this problem is common and often the signal is attenuated.It basically has the algorithm, more the number of users in your neighborhood, the weaker is the strength of signal.

cable signal booster, wireless signal booster, enhance wireless network

This problem can be avoided by using Cable Signal Booster.A cable signal booster can give you the best possible signal strength thus acting like an amplifier. Cable Signal Booster is manufactured to distribute evenly all the signal strength in the most effective way. Cable signal boosters are also helpful for your television sets, thereby improving their signal strength. Thus proving a worth to add on.


Changing the position of the Router

For obtaining the best Network coverage, a WiFi router should be placed in a location nearer to your system. It should neither be placed on floor nor on ceiling. WiFi signals mostly travels in a specific pattern so your device must be placed in correspondence to your router to get the best effective signal from the router.


Complaining your Broadband Provider

As the competition in the market is increasing most of the companies are constantly upgrading their plans. Thus providing the best possible deal for new customers, but there may be a case that you have been with your internet service provider for a long time. In this Case, most cable companies don’t inform their customers about the new available plans neither do they automatically upgrade customers.

Check out your internet providers latest offerings on the web and compare their l plans with your current plan. If your plan is outdated ,then your service provider will update you to the new plan, without any additional charges; and if they won’t, there is nothing wrong with threatening to switch companies. 


Adding a WiFi Booster Antenna

wifi booster antenna, wifi booster, enhance wireless signal, wireless booster antenna

WiFi Booster antennas are compatible with different router, depending upon the model of the WiFi router.WiFi antennas are worth the purchase as they boost the range of your Wireless Network and also connect to the other Wireless networks in your neighborhood.WiFi booster Antenna is really very effective and works very well if you are using Cable Signal Internet or any other Service.


Adding a Powerline Wireless Network Extender

If your main purpose is video streaming, but it lags a lot or it is interrupted again and again, a Powerline wireless network extender may act as a boon for you.These devices increases the range of your Wireless network through remote interface.You can Connect one device to the WiFi router, and place other device somewhere from where you want to use this device. Thus connect your device from there.

powerline wireless network extender, increase wireless signal

I am sure ,by following any of the explained methods should definitely help in strengthening your Wireless network, and using all the above methods should drastically help in boosting WiFi network in a small area.

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